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Transparent packages and clear rates

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On this page, you’ll find all the information you need about my various packages and options for my wedding film services.

My aim is to offer a simple and reassuring experience for all future brides and grooms. So that my clients can enjoy their wedding with peace of mind and confidence. Transparency is one of Bremesnil’s fundamental values.

That’s why I include on my website all the information you need to understand what I have to offer, such as prices, all my options, a full FAQ and, above all, the updated general terms and conditions of sale. These can be accessed from the footer of the site.

photoshoot service after a wedding


Packages Essential


  • 9 hours of coverage
  • Aerial shots
  • Recording of ceremony
  • Recording of all speeches
  • Link to download all files
  • No video editing
Packages Elegance


  • 10 hours of coverage
  • Aerial shots
  • Recording of ceremony
  • Recording of all speeches
  • 5-7 minutes film
  • Dedicate private page to watch
Premium packages


  • 11 hours of coverage
  • Second videographer
  • Aerial shots
  • Recording of ceremony
  • Recording of all speeches
  • 5-7 minutes film
  • A video per speech
  • Dedicate private page to watch
  • Link to download all files



Wedding videographer beige line to separate the different sections of the site: contact, about, services, and many others.

I am aware that my packages may not suit your wishes or the requirements of your wedding. That’s why I offer a range of options to increase the level of service I provide.

I am committed to providing you with the best possible customer service and to respecting all your wishes. It’s your wedding day, your dream day. That’s why it’s so important for the film to live up to your expectations.

So you can combine a number of options. In other words, the options will be added to the package you initially chose. You then get a completely tailor-made quotation with full price transparency.

For example, you can choose the Elegance package with the Brunch + Dinner + Extra hour at Brunch option. The cost of the quote will be the sum of the options and the package chosen.

A ceremony in Luberon at Domaine Fontenille

The welcome dinner generally takes place the evening before your wedding. The purpose of this dinner is to welcome and thank your guests for coming to your wedding.

Sometimes it’s a chance to get together again. With this option, I’ll be there as a videographer to capture all those unique moments of reunion and emotion.

I will also be equipped with a second camera to record all the speeches that may take place during the dinner.


300 €

The brunch, or pool party depending on the wedding, is the event you organise on the morning after your wedding. A special moment with your loved ones to recover from a big day full of emotions.

This option allows you to capture these moments a little out of time, in an atmosphere that is often more relaxed and jovial than on the day itself. It also adds a touch of fun and authenticity to your wedding film.


300 €

This option allows you to extend the number of hours you are present on the wedding day. It also allows you to extend your presence with a welcome dinner and brunch option. This option can be added at any time, even at the last minute, in the event of unforeseen circumstances or delays on your wedding day.


100 €

With this option, in addition to the main film, you’ll get a longer film of between 20 and 25 minutes that leaves more room for the speeches and emotions of your loved ones.

1000 €

The extra day is an option that is added to the chosen package to cover a wedding over several days. Some weddings, in addition to the welcome dinner and brunch, have events that take place over several days. For these exceptional weddings, it is essential to capture all the memories so that they can be transcribed in the film.

800 €

If you feel that the main film, which lasts between 5 and 6 minutes, is too short. You can choose to add an extra 1 minute of video editing.

The film will then be between 6 and 7 minutes long. You can add this option up to 4 times to make the film between 9 and 10 minutes long.


160 €

With this option, I can provide you with a short 60-second video in vertical format. This video will be a best-of of the best images from your wedding. It can be set to the music of your choice and posted on Instagram or TikTok.


350 €

If you want to recover all the video files recorded on your wedding day, you can order this option.

This option includes transforming the video files so that they can be played back on your computer or television. It also includes the purchase of a new hard disk and delivery by parcel post to the address of your choice.


350 €

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the package chosen, I stay between 9 and 11 hours per wedding, apart from the additional options that you have selected to add hours of presence.

I generally arrive 2 hours before the ceremony. Then I leave around midnight after dessert and dancing.

But I can adapt to each wedding according to your wishes.

The entire ceremony is recorded using a second camera. This camera is placed on a tripod high up on one side of your ceremony. This is so as not to disturb your guests or the other service providers.

The audio of the ceremony is also recorded using several microphones to ensure the best possible quality.

This second camera films with the same high quality standards as the rest of the film. However, only extracts from the ceremony will be included in the main film.

The video of the ceremony can be sent to you on request.

There is no limit to how far you can travel to film your wedding. I’m a specialist in Provence, but I’ll be happy to travel to your wedding venue.

Travel costs are free in Provence. Plus accommodation if required.

For weddings outside Provence, travel costs will be calculated on an actual basis and added to the quote. Before signing, you will have an exact idea of the cost of travel for my service. No nasty surprises!

I take aerial photos with a drone if the wedding venue is outside a built-up area and if the weather permits.

The drone is class C1 and requires no prior declaration or authorisation. I fly in the open category, sub-category A1. This means that I comply with European regulations. Particularly in terms of safety requirements. For example, there is no flying over people.

It often takes me about two months to edit the film. I need a maximum of 3 months for editing.

My aim is not to drag out the editing process, but to make sure that it’s of high quality and that I haven’t forgotten any details that could make a difference.

Every time, I want to give you a film that I can be proud of, even years later.

To book a date, you must first contact me. For example in the contact form below or in the contact section. This is so that we can discuss the details of your wedding and your wishes regarding the film.

I will then formalise the quote. If you agree, all you have to do is sign the quote (using a service like Yousign) and pay the 50% deposit to block the date in my diary.

Book a date

Wedding videographer blue line to separate the different sections of the site: contact, about, services, and many others.

I’m delighted that you’re thinking of hiring me as your wedding videographer. If you want a stylish and modern wedding film, then I’m the videographer for you.

You will receive a reply from me within 2 days.

I look forward to getting to know you and finding out more about your wedding.