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General terms & conditions of sale

Effective version: 2.2.0 published on JUNE 13, 2024.

This document is a translated version. In the event of a dispute, the French version will prevail.

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Welcome to Bremesnil’s terms and conditions page. Here I set out the full terms and conditions governing my high-end wedding videography services.

I pride myself on offering high quality videography for your special day and it is important to me that my clients understand the terms and conditions of my services.

Below you will find detailed information on pricing, payment terms, service provision etc. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Bremesnil is the trade name for all wedding services provided by the individual company Vincent Tesniere, registered 52247075600027 with the RCS Avignon.

Article 1 - Terms of payment

The quotation provides a detailed list of the services provided and the associated prices. Any items not disclosed are not covered by the quotation price. Travel costs are not included and will be invoiced separately unless otherwise stated.

To definitively block the date of the service in my diary, a deposit of 50% of the total amount is required. The balance (remaining 50%) must be paid no later than the day of the event. Payment must be made by bank transfer to the account of Vincent Tesniere’s sole proprietorship, as indicated in the quote. Late payments will incur a 5% penalty if received more than thirty (30) days after the event. If the balance is not paid by the date of the event, editing of the film will be suspended until payment is received, with no possibility of delivery.

Any additional services beyond the terms of the contract will be invoiced separately.

Article 2 - Travel expenses


For services outside the Bouches-du-Rhône, Vaucluse, Var and Gard regions, travel costs will be invoiced and included in the initial estimate. In order to offer the most economical solution, I assess travel costs on a case-by-case basis.

On request, a separate estimate can be drawn up. The invoice for travel expenses, based on actual receipts, will be issued after the wedding. Clients may request receipts for verification purposes. The service will not be rendered until the travel costs have been paid in full.


With regard to catering, the customer undertakes to provide a meal similar to that served to guests at the event. For services starting before 1 p.m., the customer also undertakes to provide lunch. A meal area, ideally close to the main guest area, must be set up to allow practical breaks and the possibility of resuming filming quickly.

If the customer is unable to organise meals, they must inform Bremesnil at least one week before the date of the event and allow for a charge of 50 euros (including VAT) per meal. These costs will be added to the invoice for travel expenses.


For events more than 2 hours’ drive from Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the customer undertakes to provide accommodation for Bremesnil and its team, in order to guarantee personal safety and peace of mind, particularly for evening events.

If it is impossible to provide accommodation, the customer must inform Bremesnil at least 2 months in advance and compensate Bremesnil up to a maximum of 200 euros per night (including tax) in mainland France.

For events exceeding a 4-hour drive, accommodation must also be arranged for the day before the wedding to avoid additional fatigue on the day of the event.

Article 3 - Performance of the service

Date of service:

The service will be provided on the date indicated in the subject line of the quotation.

Modification of date:

The service date is considered fixed and can only be altered with Bremesnil’s agreement, pending availability. If agreement cannot be reached, the customer may request service cancellation as outlined in Article 4 below. Any modifications require an amendment from Bremesnil, bearing his signature, to take effect.


The customer agrees to furnish Bremesnil with the event schedule at least one week in advance.

Video editing:

Concerning video editing, the film is shared with the customer via an exclusive email link accessible only to the bride and groom. They are granted up to 3 rounds of feedback (equivalent to 3 emails) for adjustments to the video montage. Permitted modifications include music, color correction, video sequence, addition or removal of clips, text inclusion/removal or alteration, video cropping, stabilization, playback speed adjustment, and digital removal of minor details within a limit of 10 shots per film, subject to technical feasibility.

Beyond 3 rounds of changes, each additional modification necessitates a separate quotation, to be approved and paid by the customer prior to commencement. In the absence of communication from the customer for over 60 days, the latest version of the film will be considered accepted.

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Article 4 - Aerial shots

Bremesnil operates a C1 class drone (weighing less than 800 grams), capable of flying up to 120m outside built-up areas in accordance with regulations. Operating in the open category, sub-category A1/A3, Bremesnil does not require individual declarations or authorisations to fly. It is officially registered as an operator on the AlphaTango platform under the identifier “FRAlyzgmjbqmmydz” and has completed A1/A3 training.

For wedding services, the A1 sub-category is used, allowing visual flights close to people in open-air wedding venues, outside built-up areas. Bremesnil undertakes not to fly over groups or individuals, to maintain visual contact with the drone and to refrain from night flights (30 minutes after sunset in mainland France, definition of aeronautical night).

Article 5 - Conditions for resolutions or postponements


The customer is entitled to cancel the order within fifteen days from the day after the order placement. Withdrawal should be communicated via email or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, with the postmark serving as proof. The registered letter must be addressed to the company’s headquarters for validation. Following this period, if the customer terminates the contract, deposits will only be refunded in case of force majeure. Acceptable force majeure circumstances include:

  • Sudden death or serious illness of the bride, groom, or first-degree relative.
  • Severe injury directly impairing the groom’s wedding participation.
  • Natural disasters or extreme weather conditions at the venue jeopardizing guest safety.
  • Urgent travel restrictions or security alerts issued by competent authorities.
  • Government-imposed obligations after the booking date.


In the event of force majeure, Bremesnil reserves the right to cancel the service without liability for damages. However, deposits will be refunded upon cancellation. Upon request, Bremesnil will assist in finding a replacement service provider. Cancellation notifications will be sent via email and registered mail, with the postmark serving as proof, provided the customer has correctly provided their postal address to Bremesnil.


Postponement of the performance date is only possible with the mutual agreement of both parties. If no agreement is reached, the contract will be terminated under the above-mentioned conditions.

Article 6 - Delivery time

The estimated delivery time is between 1 and 3 months. The delivery time is given as an indication, so as not to prejudice the quality of the film supplied. Bremesnil cannot be penalised for being late.

Article 7 - Intellectual property

The videos created by Bremesnil are considered intellectual works under the Intellectual Property Code, with Bremesnil as the author (Article L112-2 CPI). These videos are intended for the personal use of customers, provided they adhere to the Intellectual Property Code’s provisions and copyright laws.

Without Bremesnil’s prior written consent, no alterations to the videos are permitted. Customers are obligated to maintain the integrity of Bremesnil’s works, ensuring accurate color rendition, no image distortion or truncation, and maintaining the original video shot sequence (Article L121-1 CPI). The dissemination of videos via various media platforms (streaming platforms, social networks, etc.) does not imply transfer of video exploitation rights (reproduction and/or representation rights).

The videos, in digital format, remain the property of Bremesnil or his assignees (Article L111-3 CPI). Any usage beyond personal use (broadcasting, exhibition, reproduction) is strictly prohibited without Bremesnil’s prior written consent. If Bremesnil grants permission, a written agreement detailing payment for video exploitation rights corresponding to the intended use will be drafted (Articles L131-3 and 4 CPI). The customer bears responsibility for any violations of these prohibitions.

Article 9 - Rights of third parties and property represented

The use of one or more videos does not exempt the Customer from ensuring that the rights of the persons and property filmed are respected (right of personal portrayal / art. 9 of the French Civil Code). The use made of the videos is the sole responsibility of the Customer or any other user. It is the responsibility of the user of the videos to obtain the necessary authorizations.

Article 10 - Authorization for publication by the customer

Bremesnil grants the customer permission to post the videos and photos on their preferred social networks, blogs, or websites under the following conditions:

The customer agrees not to use any video that may violate Bremesnil’s privacy, image, or reputation.
The customer must maintain the integrity of Bremesnil’s works, ensuring faithful color reproduction, no image distortion or truncation, and maintaining the original video shot sequence.
All publications must credit the video to Bremesnil.
If the distribution medium permits (e.g., website, blog), the publication must include a link to www.bremesnil.com.

Article 11 - Weather conditions

In case of adverse weather conditions like storms, heavy rain, snowfall, or winds exceeding 40km/h, Bremesnil cannot be held accountable for the non-execution or partial execution of outdoor services outlined in the quote. When feasible, the service will be rescheduled for a later date. However, no refunds will be issued for non-performance or partial performance due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Article 12 –Informations

All videos undergo basic retouching for brightness, contrast, and color balance. Additional technically complex retouching, involving special effects software, may be requested at an additional cost, subject to individual pricing assessment. The selection of video scenes is primarily at Bremesnil’s discretion, based on all original footage, unless mutually agreed upon otherwise by both parties.